8x10" ......$250





8x10" ......$150





Commission Pricing

Colored Pencil

Graphite Pencil  (b/w)

  • 8x10" size is available for single subjects only

  • A deposit of $75 is required to start any size commission

  • $20 for each additional subject in works 9x12" and above

  • customer has final approval of the finished work and will be presented work in progress updates

  • Customers are encouraged to participate in background choices etc. I want to fulfill your vision

  • I need the best reference photos possible. The more I can see in detail from your photo the more detailed the piece. This is important with likenesses. Clear defined faces and correct coloring in photo references make a big difference.

  • Colored pencil and graphite works need to be framed under glass with a mat between the work and the glass so they do not touch. I can suggest and help with framing options if you prefer to do it yourself.

  • A 9x12" colored pencil work as seen in my gallery usually takes 20 plus hours for me to create. Please take this into consideration when booking your portrait.

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